Friday, September 24, 2010


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" Never listen to someone who says you cannot do something. Your heart is equipped with determination; just dare to believe anything is possible. Root not the discouragements or what's been, for they don't matter. What matters is what you believe and what is in your heart. Make the effort to bring the dream to life and you will achieve what you believe."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jordan Preston - NorCalBodz

NCB Model: Jordan Preston talks about his experience during his photo shoot with NorCalBodz Photography.

NCB Shoot #1: Jordan Preston

The process of breaking into the fitness modeling scene happened somewhat abruptly and really just took off quickly from there. I found Gary out of simple curiosity for the model management companies in my area, Sacramento California. I sent in a couple of quick photos to photographer Gary Gonzalez, and like that the wheels were turning. We set up some dates to shoot at his home/studio, as well as go over the business side of things. There was some lingering hesitancy about the whole idea of fitness modeling; however upon sitting down with Gary and shedding some light on few issues, I began to feel more and more at ease. He is incredibly open and up front with his models, with his patience and flexibility allowing for a relaxed and fun working environment.

The weekend of the shoot came with a bit of nervousness, but physically I was as ready as ever. The first day was a long day in the studio, and it was more of a learning experience than anything. I was introduced to the overall process and the extreme amount of detail involved in a photoshoot. It was exhausting and I held a lot of tension, which showed in a lot of the photos. Being relaxed and putting trust in the photographer are two of the most important things I learned, and with Gary Gonzales, such will come quite readily. The second day of shooting began outside and that is really when things started to come together. I was rested, energized, and ready to break though any limitations I may have had. It was a nice transition moving outdoors and allowing the natural environment to play a role in the photos. We moved back into the studio later in the day, where shots started to come naturally and the tension, which was present the day before, was no longer abstracting the artistic photography we were there to capture. Having confidence, staying relaxed, and trusting the photographer every step of the way were the keys to my first successful shoot with NorCalBodz and Gary Gonzalez.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Male Fitness Models USA

Male Fitness Models USA is now part of the NorCalBodz (NCB) Company. Male Fitness Models USA has merged with NCB Model Management to bring America's today's Top Male Fitness Models.

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We are proud to bring you NorCalBodz Fitness Model: Jordan Preston from Northern California (Sacramento, CA).

Model: Jordan Preston

Want to get to know Jordan more?

My fitness modeling career just went to new heights after discovering NorCalBodz and photographer Gary Gonzalez. Training is something I have done most of my life as an athlete in numerous sports and levels of competition. I was constantly trained by c
oaches to outwork and prepare for all possible competition and be ready for anything, which developed a mindset and confidence which has carried over into all aspects of life. The purest form of training, a place where the gains are truly made, is met head on with those faint yet increasing signs of nausea, which tell me the pain is worth it and everyone else has already stopped to rest. Due to a sever and unfortunate injury in college, I made the transition to Marathons, Triathlons, and Fitness Modeling. Different direction but with the same mindset. I found NorCalBodz out of simple curiosity for what model management companies were in my area, Sacramento California. Upon seeing the work shot by Gary Gonzalez, I knew NCB was the right spot for me. Not only does he shoot outstanding fitness models, but he brings an artistic quality to his photography, which is unmatched and really what attracted me to his work. NorCalBodz has established itself in the center of a huge international industry, and I am proud to be a part of it.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Have you always wanted to get into the fitness modeling industry? Don't know where to start or what is required? How do you get into the right fitness model management company? Well, we here at NorCalBodz will show you everything you'll need to learn. NorCalBodz works with many fitness magazines, fitness modeling web sites, major brand underwear companies and life events throughout the United States.

NorCalBodz Photography / NCB Model Management

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NCB Model: Christopher Miles

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