Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Become a Male Underwear Model

How to become a Male Underwear Model 
Becoming a male underwear model requires a lot of dedication and hard physical work. Since underwear models need to have a high level of musculature, you need to tone your abs, thighs and glutes to compete for jobs with other aspiring models. You will also need to feel comfortable wearing different types of undergarments, which may include Brazilian-cut briefs and thongs. While underwear modeling is a tough career to break into, you can improve your chances by exercising daily, eating right and finding a good agent or model management company.

Develop a workout plan. Since male underwear models have highly-defined muscles, you will need to do both cardiovascular and muscle-building exercises. The modeling site NorCalBodz.Com recommends a four-day training split workout, where you lift weights for four days of the week and do cardiovascular and ab exercises the remaining three days. This workout focuses on areas of your body that underwear models need to tone: abdominals, quads, biceps, chest and back.
Eat healthy foods. Along with a rigorous workout regimen, a nutritious meal plan is necessary to help you achieve an underwear model's physique. Your diet should include balanced portions of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. You may also want to drink protein shakes after your workouts to boost muscle development. Additionally, try to eat five to six meals spaced throughout the day to keep from getting hungry.

Prepare your portfolio. Once you've developed your muscles, hire a photographer to take your head shots and create your comp card (a postcard-size card with your portfolio pictures and measurements). You will need these items when you go to castings or to find a modeling agent. For your photo shoot, bring different types of underwear to model (e.g., boxers, briefs). Also, make sure you take the pictures in a well-lit area, since proper lighting is essential to capture your muscle definition. 

Becoming an Underwear Model takes time and an open mind! In the world of fitness modeling and underwear modeling sex sells. The more skin you show the more likely you will be selected for a modeling job (offer). We are not suggestion porn, only suggesting being open with photography and modeling (artistic photography).

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